JSL Logistics provide transport solutions to fit businesses of all sizes. We provide safe and reliable transportation services to a diverse group of customers throughout the East African region utilizing an integrated logistics system, we provide customer-oriented solutions centered on delivering customer value and industry-leading service.

We improve the value of your supply chain, quality of service and increase your return on investment by assigning logistics functions to a dedicated team of transportation professionals.Our professional logisticians provide supply chain management, acquisition management, inventory management, provisioning, and delivery support using industry best practices. We monitor your product from start to finish.You will have a peace of mind and divert your attention toyour core business.


From pick-up to transport to delivery, your Full Truck Load is completed on time. We work with customers in a wide range of industries, from retail to healthcare to manufacturing to parts suppliers and more.We offer Flatbed transportation, container transportation andCross-border truckingin order to meet all our customer needs and expectations. With expedited solutions, we also provide paired team drivers to cover greater distances with faster and safer deliveries to meet your time deadlines.


Special transportations is our speciality. We take care of delicate loads, wide and heavy loads.We know how to handle with care while delivering on time. If your truck load deserves extra attention we can provide an escort van from start to finish to have you reassured. No matter how unusual your requirements might seem, we will ensure that you get the best results. Let us work together to find transport solutions for your most challenges.


We use sophisticated technology that measures and improve our process.We utilise technology that keeps track of customer product from start to finish. We also remotely monitor the drivers’ driving behaviour. This guarantees that your product reaches the final destination in its original shape and safe. For our online presence we assure that our customers know what is best for them. You will have peace of mind and You can be rest assured that you are working with the best in the business.


You can trust in our fair pricing. We are dedicated to provide the best prices out in the market based on the quality and service we provide. We continuously keep ourselves educated with the fair market value in the industry. We have the capability to keep pricing affordable and fair for you.

We are a company with advanced technology, leader in customer-centric, end-to-end value transportation solutions. With agility, innovation and responsiveness, we serve customers across borders. For every customer we serve, we reduce costs, and increase responsiveness. It’s that simple.
we give 5% of our revenue to help