JSL logistics is very passionate about delivering solid customer service and making sure our employees have the desire to grow along with us on the job, and in their personal life. JSL Logisticshas a reputation for treating our employees right. We appreciate and recognize our staff. Trucks are vital to the success of our business. Because we understand this, we listen and respect all our employees. We always find ways of showing them our appreciation.

Quick pay

We offer three different payment methods to suit your needs: We pay per task (1 to 3 days) or weekly and monthly basis. We understand that you need to get paid on time and we fully respect that. All our staff are entitled to holiday breaks and sick leave and this will all be paid for. Don’t force yourself to work in a poor state of mind. We work as a team in the best shape with a strong and stable mind set as our services demand.

Health & Safety

We are fully committed to a process of continuous improvement in the pursuit of health and safety excellence. We use robust systems and controls to enable us to proactively manage our health and safety activity with the aim of achieving zero accidents


JSL logistics is designed to attract and retain employees of the highest calibre possible. Therefore, we offer many training and development programmes designed to provide a continuous learning environment, both to gain new skills and to refine existing ones. We value our employees and work hard to empower them to reach higher and go farther.

We will serve you regarding anyqueries you might have at any time. This can be regarding payment, customer truck loads and any other difficulties you might face. We are here to work as a team.

We are a company with advanced technology, leader in customer-centric, end-to-end value transportation solutions. With agility, innovation and responsiveness, we serve customers across borders. For every customer we serve, we reduce costs, and increase responsiveness. It’s that simple.
we give 5% of our revenue to help